I met this little fellow on my way along the banks of the Thames near the London Eye. He shook my hand and didn’t want to let go. I think I made a new friend :)

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View of Big Ben from the London Eye

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London Eye

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Another part of London from the view of the London Eye.

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Russell Square in Bloomsbury

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I took this picture while I was in Hyde Park, exploring around. While we were there, I could here the music playing- even from a part of Kensington Gardens!

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The Serpentine with loads of swans and ducks. Such a beautiful place to ride on and there is a part of the lake that is closed off for just swimming if you would like to partake in it- I’m going to go…although I know it’ll be freezing cold.

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Hyde Park in just a few places. This lovely place is acres upon acres long. I’m going to try and figure out every nook and cranny of it. One day.

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The Diana Memorial Fountain.

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All the beautiful little alcoves of land and lakes- with a sprinkling of flowers and shrubbery can be found in Kensington Gardens. I adore this place beyond anything.

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